Network Services

Providing telecommunications network services and able to provide full turnkey solutions for our telecommunications clientele,encompassing network planning,design and optimization.

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System Integration

An authorized dealer for network equipments and provide resources for both software and hardware for servers, PCs and Mini/Unix workstations.

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Mobile Development

One of the most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code.


ICT Consultancy

MHA also provides consultancy advice to government departments and industries about network modeling,system integration, IT bussines operation and others.

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  • 1. Smart Farming Solution

    • First, leverage on the technology to help increase productivity and wealth creation for different industries such as open plantation, controlled environment farming , aquaculture, livestock and environmental monitoring .
    • Second, Realize Precision Agriculture with the use of Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) sensor, wireless connectivity, anaytical and data trending tools.
    • Third, On  top  of  that,  it  also  complements  national  agenda  in  terms  of  promoting  and strengthening agriculture and agro-based industry and in improving the quality of life among planters and farmers.

  • Area of Application

    Agriculture Industry -  Monitor the content of fertilizer level, water content/soil moisture, environment temperature and humidity.

    Aquaculture Industry - Monitor water salinity and oxygen content in the water.

    Environmental Monitoring - Monitor landslide movement, air/water pollution, bush fire and climate changes

    Asset Monitoring - Monitor the illegal logging, ATM machine and factory machine theft.

  • 2. Livestock Productivity Monitoring Systm using RFID

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been widely adopted in many application. In this application, RFID Ear Tag is used as electronic identification and also capable in storing the critical data such as breeding and pregnancy information, medical history and treatments, weight and carcass data. Managing and monitoring animals using RFID Technology enable producer to manage large volumes of livestock with a level of ease and accuracy. Each data been recorded electronically thus reduces required time - spent and also manpower to manage daily redord keeping in manual way doing.
  • 3. Customer Satisfaction Survey System

    Customer Satisfaction Survey System (CSSS) is an end to end solution for tracking customer satisfaction.    It  measure  of  how  services  supplied  by  an  organization  meet  or  surpass customer expectation. It is seen as a key performance indicator within the organization itself. Measuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing services to the customers. This CSSS is an abstract concept and the actual manifestation  of the  state  of satisfaction  will  vary from  person  to person  and  service  to service. The state of satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviors such as return and recommend rate. The level of satisfaction can also vary depending on other factors the customer, such as other services against which the customer can compare the organization's services.

    Matter-of-factly, the CSSS is recognized as efficient online provider of customer satisfaction surveying  solutions  that     focus  on  measuring  customer  perceptions  of  how  well  the organizations delivers it services that include factors like service promptness, staff responsiveness, and understanding of the customer's problem thus can provide the tools to improve organizational overall performance.

  • 4. RFID Technology For Library

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a combination of radio - frequency - based technology and microchip technology. RFID has been widely adopted in many application. The information contained on microchips in the tags affixed to library materials is read using radio frequency technology regardlessof item orientation or alignment and distance from the item is not a critical factor except in the case of extra - wide exit gates.
  • Six key of Library RFID Management System:

    1.   RFID tags replace both the EM security strips and Barcode.
    2.   Simplify patron self check-out / check-in.
    3.   Ability to handle material without exception for video and audio tapes.
    4.   Radio Frequency anti-theft detection is innovative and safe.
    5.   High-speed inventory and identify items which are out of proper order.
    6.   Long-term development guarantee when using Open Standard.

  • 5. Loyalty System

    Loyalty Management system is a redemption system where Members can redeem Products offered by Clients (Program Owner) based on Points that the Members gathered from using the Cards at specific Merchants outlets. In other words, the more the Member purchase at the Merchants, the more loyalty points will be received by Member. These accumulated points can then be redeemed for Products accordingly.
    A Client (Program Owner) is an owner of a Program. An example of a Client: Berjaya Hotel. A Program is a promotional method to pull customers (Members) to purchase at Merchants
    locations Example: ‘Free Room Nights at Prestigious Berjaya Hotels in Asia’. Card holders
    can redeem when points reach 10,000 points.

    A Member  is a person who is holding the Loyalty Card. When purchasing  at Merchants outlets, the Member uses the Loyalty Card and gain Points.

    A Product could be anything. From Bags, apparels, sports equipment, etc to airplane tickets.
  • 6. Management Information System - Local Area Network Status Monitoring

    The term Network Status Monitoring describes the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for the availability or failing components and that notifies the network administrator in case of outages via email, pager, Short Messages System (SMS), Microsoft Messenger  System  (Ms-MS)  or other  alarms.  It is a subset  of the  functions  involved  in network management.

    In  either   Large   or  Medium   organization,   Networking   Systems   is  one   of  the  main dependencies in assuring business success.

    The  Management   Information  System  –  local  Area  Network  Status  Monitoring  were developed on top of Microsoft .Net Platform. The systems availability can be monitored through locally (Form Based Application) or remotely (Web Based Application).

    The main objective of this system is to trigger the alarm far in advance before the End-User faced the problem.

  • 7. Safety and Health Management System

    Safety and Health Management System involves the introduction of processes designed to decrease the incidence of injury and illness in the employer’s operation.   Successful implementation of the system requires management commitment to the system, effective allocation of resources, and a high level of employee participation.

    The main goal of the system is to enables organizations to improve their environmental performance  through  a process  of continuous  improvement.  To accomplish  the objective, Safety and Health Management System provides accountability which is an assignment of personal responsibility and a schedule for activities to be completed, as well as auditing tools to implement corrective actions in addition to scheduled activities, creating an upward spiral of continuous improvement.

    A consistent approach like this reduces the number of mistakes and the cost of correcting problems. It also reduces the level of risk and ensures that the company complies with legislation. The health risk assessment application in the system is able to predict unwanted effects from work, other activities, or from the environment. The goal is to have procedures in  place  to  ensure  all  risks  to  health  in  all  work  areas  are  assessed  and  controlled  to acceptable levels.

  • 8. E - Office

    E-Office is an office collaboration and automation tools that was implemented as office application portal to improve the management and administration of organization. The main objective of e-office is to provide better communication among workers and assists them in automate works, organization’s official agenda and also organization’s activities and events . By using this tool it can help them to streamline office workload effectively.

    To reach our aim and goal, we had design the application with some efficient and constant functionality  for  instance  office  bulletin,  office  planning  calendar,  employees  feedback survey, personal calendar sharing, SMS alerting for official event, album gallery, forum and employees satisfaction survey. E-office also has meeting room booking application, memo application, minute meeting application, file tracking, online conference, system management and project management.

    With E-Office, the management is not only able to manage the operation in the organization but more importantly, able to manage the entire process of feedback and rectification through the  management  features  within  the  system  that  allows  quick  communication  between different levels of management and easy feedback mechanism.
    E-Office is simple and useful solution for customers, fulfilling their needs and delivering information in best possible way.

  • 9. Tuition Centre Management System

    Tuition Centre Management  System is an electronic  system, easily accessible and has the following advantages.

  • For management to recording, updating information for the management of such of clerk record, parent record, student record, teacher record, timetable record  and create automatic attendant form for teacher. For  parent  to  monitor  attendant,   payment  report,  timetable  and  their  children information.
  • For  teacher    to  determine  their  timetable,  attendant  class,  salary  report  and  their profile information.

    For driver to check their profile information, check their attendant and salary report.

  • 10. E - Grading Management System

    E-Grading Management System is a software for grading premi. The system will be replacing the manual system that has been used for all these years. The user of the system includes  all staff in that department  as long as they have an account to access the system.

    Objective System
    ·     To improve the quality of works in the staff department.
    ·     Make the system management more effective and systematic.
    ·     Computerize all the information and make it easy to manage.
    ·     Process and record make is easy to manage and faster.

    Scope of System
    ·     This system will be used by staff to give grade, date and information about the premise.
    ·     This system is develop to focus on data entry, editing, searching, and deleting and also made some kind of report.
    ·     The data can be transfer between all personal computers (PC`s) by using intranet.

  • 11. Data Security Technology

      A combination of Hardware and Software.


    Hardware: Hardware base Mechanisms for Protecting Data, specifically referring to the

    Private Key Infrastructure (PKI).

    Software: An Encryption  Algorithm  built  locally  to have  a superiority  control  on the technology.

    • After Implementing Data Security Technology
    • By applying the Data Security Technology, which refers to "Private Key Infrastructure", a PKI base solution, the system automatically created a Security Parameter within the device.
    • Multi - Layered Cryptography Solution
    • Cascade Encryption Architecture
    • Unencrypted file or data will be encrypted several layers depending on the user requirements. The more encryption layers cascaded, the more security measurements been added.
    • The process of the encryption algorithms is very heavy. Therefore, we need high processing capacity is depending on the number encryption layers.
  • 12. Other ICT Product

    Other ICT Product at MHA Infotech Sdn Bhd is :
  • - Integrated Complain Management System
    - Tender Management System
    - Attendant System
    - Human Resources Management System (Fully Web Base)